środa, 8 grudnia 2010

..Form Italy to Poland

... From Italy to Poland

If you want accurately understand the phenomenon of the Polish Legions in Italy and the history of Poland’s national anthem , you need to know that situation which forced Polish soldiers, officers and volunteers to create the armed forces abroad. You need to know about the dedication of people (hungry, in the dirty rags, without shoes on their feet, wounded) who made their way to distant Italy, to combat under the wings of the general Dąbrowski. How great was their motivation and belief in the rightness of their ideas to regain freedom for Poland… Or example, Jan Henryk Dabrowski, who after the fall of the Kosciuszko Insurrection, was invited to the court of King of Prussia, and was offered a position of a general in the Prussian army. If he had accepted the proposal, he would have ensured himself a prosperous life in the country. But he and others like him could not stand the eternal shame of Poland which was after the third Partition (1795). (Many Poles believed that revolutionary France and her allies would come to Poland's aid. France's enemies included Poland's partitioners, Prussia, Austria and Imperial Russia)
This heroism, this genuine need to fight for Poland was the cause of my decision to reconstruct the Italian Legion and Polish-Italian Legion. I urge all patriots to our work, to save from oblivion those 30 000 heroes who gave the highest tribute to their homeland, the homeland which often treated them harshly.
Our club has sufficient knowledge and experience to participate in the productions of historical events as well as for organizing and staging historical events involving troops of the Napoleonic period.

Magda Maliszewska